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Fast Facts About BSRI

Barbara Gardner and Ed Moscovitch founded the Bay State Reading Institute (BSRI) in 2005 because they knew that the best way to improve schools is to provide teachers and principals with ongoing support and education in their classrooms and buildings.

Today BSRI partners with elementary schools across Massachusetts, producing benefits in many areas: higher state accountability levels, improving MCAS scores for low-income students at a much faster rate than the state average, fewer discipline problems, greater collaboration among staff, and better educational leadership from principals.


How BSRI Transforms Classrooms

A BSRI classroom looks different from what most of us experienced in school. That’s because it works differently, using research-backed teaching techniques to improve education for all levels of students.

Anita Bala, at Munger Hill Elementary in Westfield, MA, had been teaching first grade for over 20 years when BSRI came to her school. She’d seen the various reform fads come and go, and says, “I was skeptical. I felt I’d had good success with the old way. Two years later, I am surprised at how well this new way works. The students are improving by leaps and bounds. It’s amazing.”


How BSRI Improves Schools

To improve schools, teachers and support staff work together as teams. Principals become educational leaders, guiding the progress. To make significant improvements in student literacy, schools have to make many changes all at the same time. And as Fitchburg, MA, superintendent Andre Ravenelle says, “You can’t do this alone. You need outside partners.”

Principal Jodi Gennodie has been working with BSRI at the Lincoln Elementary School in Revere, MA, since 2011. “Whether you’re running a wealthy suburban school or a needy urban school,” she says, “you have a variety of students, and you have to figure out how to meet all of their needs at the same time at an engaging level. BSRI helps you to do that, and a lot more.”


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